It’s ok to feel depleted.

Article written in December 2022.

Peace is always the answer.

The end of the year is here. I feel tired, I have less energy, less breath.
I have had another year on the go. I have moved. I changed jobs. My life has been turned upside down. I traveled a lot.

I was feeling tired this week and was wondering why. After all, I only work 37 hour weeks, which is a change from my previous job. But in fact it is the fatigue, the stress, the anxiety accumulated over the year that is falling on me like a leaden screed.

I am not indestructible. I am human. And I have been through a lot of challenges this year. I have come through them. With flying colors, even. But now it is time to pay the piper. It is time to rest and be okay with it. To not feel guilty about not being up and running.

Maybe that is why winter is here. The lengthening nights remind us to sleep more, to take time to appreciate the night, the quiet. It pushes us to rest, to shine again next summer. We need winter to appreciate summer. The race to savor the walk.

Party with your friends, it helps!

I wish you with all my heart, to relax at the end of this year, to feel rested again and to be able to shine when the summer arrives.

Take care of yourself.

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