Finding love means finding yourself.

« Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. » Albert Einstein

People often say that when you know it is THE person, it can’t be explained. When your heart and body meet the right person, you feel it deep inside. It is as if your body and mind are meeting them too, as if your souls are talking to each other. It happens at the first date, your soul, your body and your mind are dazzled.

I never believed in long speeches or even declarations of love, but for this person I would almost be ready to go crazy. Ready to put reason and logic aside, for once.

We often tend to put work at the center of our lives, myself included. And rightly so, isn’t that what keeps us going? After all, it is the thing that allows us to earn a living. Almost as if we had to earn our right to live.

To love, to love oneself or to love another, is almost like taking back the right to live for oneself. Just because we are. Simply because we are.

I have never believed in love stories, in perfect relationships. But what I do believe is that to get a different result, you have to live differently. If you are subscribed to broken hearts, disillusionment, self-sabotage mechanisms; take a step back on yourself, on your behaviors, your automatisms, your beliefs about yourself and about love. Try, try to learn more about yourself and your mechanisms. You can even ask for the help of a professional: psychologist, coach… In any case, learn to discover yourself and your own identity.

Last thing: try, fall, get up again. Don’t let the fear of failure take over!

Take care of yourself.

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