In life, we are not surrounded by the people we deserve, but by those we think we deserve.

I’m always amazed at the incredible stories of Trafalgar moves made by friends and family. And each time I ask myself « How is this possible? How is it possible that a friend or sister ends up with your boyfriend or talks behind your back? »

The answer lies in the choice, the selection of people around us. I have never been a fan of the « good vibes only » fashion, which I find a bit restrictive. Indeed, our loved ones can sometimes give off negative vibes, everyone has the right to go through a bad patch. However, it is true that we feel it from the first meeting when a person has a bad vibe or at least an energy that does not match ours.

It is a choice that we make more or less consciously not to act on our feelings, to stay with the person or to keep them in our close circle.

Far be it from me to say that it has never happened to me that a friend disappeared overnight, or had an inappropriate behavior. But what I can say is that being intentional in choosing your close circle of friends, lovers, and significant others is crucial to your mental and physical health. How many times have we heard of friends killing each other, betrayal, crimes of passion?

Trust your instincts. And act on it. Having a person close to you who does not wish you well can be very dangerous for your development, your success, but also for your life. We are the avverage of the five people we spend the most time with. So choosing these five people carefully is crucial.

Sincerely believe that you deserve a circle of friends, a family, a partner who support you, who want the best for you. And it will happen. You will remove from your life the people who do not fit you. You will become intolerant of bad behavior.

Take care of yourself.

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