The importance of building a legacy

Sometimes it is the poorest man who leaves his children the richest inheritance.

Ronald Ross

This article was written on December 25, 2020.

I am extremely grateful to have a supportive family whether it is morally or financially. Thank you to them!

We often talk about legacy. Leaving a legacy for your children, your family is almost a political act when you are black. It is an attempt to reform the past. It is to become aware of the value of what you have in order to protect it at all costs and pass it on to your children. Owning houses, cars, stocks, it’s political, it’s important to think about it especially if you come from an African family. It is too easy to say « I live from one day to the next, I am young ». It’s a civic duty to think about what our actions say about us, to think about the mark we will leave on the world.

Our legacy is not only monetary or financial but can also be moral, literary… We are present on Earth for 80-90 years but our name, our deeds, our writings live on for eternity. As the year comes to a close, it is important to ask ourselves not only what we want to leave to this year 2020 but more importantly what we want to leave to posterity.

For me, my blog is part of my legacy. It is a legacy that I leave to all black girls and women more specifically. A legacy that I hope will help them remember to always believe in themselves, not lower their expectations but rather do everything to achieve what they want.

Take care of yourself.

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