Why You Should Travel This Year.

All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.

Making the decision to leave is already the beginning of the journey. When you decide to leave everything behind, even for a few weeks, it’s already a big step. It’s a conscious choice to want to see something else and get out of your comfort zone. Travelling, whether you are young or not so young, is always an enriching experience. It’s not only about discovering new countries and cultures, it’s also about discovering yourself.

How can you shop abroad when you don’t speak the language? This is a situation I had to face when I arrived in Germany. Before arriving here, I would surely have answered that I would have panicked and ordered only meals in restaurants where English is spoken. But no, I adapted, I confused salt with sugar once or twice when I was shopping because I didn’t understand the label, but that’s OK. We make mistakes and we move on.

Before I went to Germany, I never thought I would be able to do certain things, such as running a workshop to raise awareness about racism, for example, and yet I did. My travels have made me who I am. They have proven my resilience and my ability to question myself. Yesterday I was talking to a friend who told me how much she admired my ability to take on new projects. I sincerely believe that it was because I went to Germany that the Stand up and Speak up project was born. If I lived my daily routine in Paris, I might not have decided to create my blog.

It is by being abroad that one reveals oneself to oneself. It is by living far from home that we discover the stranger within us, that part of ourselves that we did not know and that we discover over time. Away from friends and family, anything is possible. You discover yourself from new angles. You manage to create your own identity. In Germany, I am Christelle, the student blogger, whereas for my relatives in France I am simply Christelle. So if you’re thinking about creating a new project or just getting out of your routine, don’t hesitate, take a break to think away from home. It doesn’t have to be on the other side of the world. Crossing a border can be enough.

Living abroad is the possibility to invent yourself, to see the person you want to be. It is both a difficult but so rewarding experience. This is why in 2020 I have decided to continue travelling and I invite you to do the same. These 6 months in Germany are only a stage, my journey continues. Travel while you can. And for those who feel that they can’t travel because they have responsibilities or lack money. Make up your mind. Make a conscious decision to make travel your current priority. You will advise the rest afterwards.

Don’t just seize opportunities to travel, create them.

Stay connected and take care of yourself!

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