My wish for Christmas : caring instead of giving.

“Life is beautiful. It’s about giving. It’s about family.”

Walt Disney  

Every year it’s always the race, the challenge. Every weekend we rush into the stores to find the gift that will please Aunt Jacqueline or Uncle Frank. We compete in imagination to find THE nugget, which will surpass all the other gifts Aunt Pauline will receive. We are entering a competition that we want to win at all costs. We forget a little about the spirit of Christmas, the values of sharing, of celebrating the love of our loved ones who are associated with it.

This year I decided not to succumb to it anymore, not to give in to this endless competition to be the best gift giver. I decided to choose a more merry, more personalized Christmas. I decided not to spend a penny but to make my gifts myself.

I see you coming right away, I’m not Picasso or Mrs. DIY. I’m not very good at manual activities. But on the other hand, I have a talent. I can write, I can use words, make them dance, move in order to make my ideas stand out.

Each of us has an innate talent or ability that we have not yet used. Maybe you love painting, cooking, singing, dancing, talking… In any case, you necessarily have something inside you that others don’t have and that would make your loved ones happy.

This year let’s our most precious currency. Not money but time. Offer your time to your loved ones, it is the most beautiful gift.

For a Christmas richer in feelings and love for each other. For a Christmas where you explore your hidden talents and artistic flair.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your loved ones.

At Christmas like all year round.

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